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Joel Schmitz

Joel Schmitz is a Phoenix home inspector providing unbiased, accurate and thorough home inspections in Phoenix and the surrounding communities. Mr. Schmitz owns and operates Sherlock Homes Inspection Service and is the only inspector. What this means, is that when you have an Inspection preformed by Sherlock Homes, you get the most experienced and qualified Inspector. This is not a multi Inspector firm where you order an Inspection and they send out one of their least experienced or rookie Inspectors. Joel Schmitz has been inspecting homes for more than 15 years, and throughout that time he has provided accurate, informative and reliable information to home owners and home buyers throughout the greater Phoenix area.

Joel Schmitz is always thorough and enjoys taking the time to inspect the home with the client, to answer questions, and to give advice about repairs. Joel Schmitz and Sherlock Homes Inspection Service is fully insured and is licensed by the State of Arizona (#38665).

When you need a home inspection, donít hesitate to call Sherlock Homes Inspection Service. If you own your home, we will give you a cost and commitment-free consultation. Trust us to tell you nothing but the truth about your home.


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